How Much Does A Locksmith Cost For A House

Looking for a quote on how expensive it would be to do locksmithing for your specific lock in a specific city?

What Makes a Locksmith Cost?

Why are locksmiths so expensive? When you call a locksmith for service, there are three things that can impact the cost of their services: the time needed to perform the repair, the type of lock that needs to be serviced and the skill level of the technician. Many times, locksmiths will have to replace more than just the lock – they may also have to change the hardware or reprogram the keypad. This can add an extra hour or two to the overall cost. Additionally, most locksmiths who work on houses require a special license and certification in order to do their jobs properly. This means that they are often more experienced and trained than someone who works on cars or appliances. All of these factors can contribute to a higher cost for locksmith services performed at your home. However, no matter how much a locksmith costs, it’s always worth it to have them take a look at your security systems in order to make sure they’re keeping you safe.

The Cost of Hiring a Professional Locksmith

The average cost of a locksmith service for a house is between $175 and $350, according to an informal survey of 10 professional locksmiths. Some locksmiths may charge more based on the complexity of the job or the type of locks they are needing to service. Inexpensive services that many homeowners take for granted, like changing a deadbolt, can cost as much as $175. Locksmiths generally charge by the hour and some may also charge by the number of locks serviced. If you have a lock that needs to be replaced or your locks need to be updated, hiring a professional locksmith is the best way to go. Here are the costs associated with hiring a locksmith for a residential home:

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-Initial consultation: $50 to $75 -Installation of the new lock(s): $80 to $200 -Rekeying of locks: $50 to $100 -Retail cost of new lock: $40 to $60 Most locksmiths will also offer a warranty on their work, extending the lifetime of your security system. In general, expect to pay between $80 and $200 for installation of a new lock and anywhere from $50 to $100 for rekeying. Factor in the cost of a new key if you need one (around $40) and you’re looking at ballpark totals between $140 and$260. Factor in the price of regular maintenance on your security system, such as replacement Schlage or Kwikset deadbolts, and you’re looking at expenditure between$340 and$500 annually

Myths About the Cost of Locks and Security

There are a lot of myths surrounding the cost of locksmith services. Some people believe that a locksmith will charge an astronomical amount for services rendered, while others believe that a basic set of security measures like reinforcement of existing locks or installation of new security devices will only cost a few dollars. The truth is that the cost of a locksmith service depends on the type of lock required, the level of security desired, and the location of the installation. However, most locksmiths will charge between $50 and $200 for a standard service call, with rates typically increasing for more complicated installations or higher levels of security.


-Locksmiths are necessary for security purposes when it comes to your home and business. The average cost of a locksmith for a house is $75-$125. Locksmiths can be costly for a home, depending on the services that are needed. For example, a locksmith may charge more for installing a new lock than they would for fixing a broken one. Additionally, locksmiths may also charge for warranty work or other services. Factor these costs into your overall budget when hiring a locksmith.

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When estimating the cost of a locksmith service, be sure to ask the locksmith what specific services they will be performing in addition to the standard installation and repair tasks. Locksmiths may also offer additional discounts or promotions depending on the time of year.