How Does A Locksmith Open A Door

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Walkthrough of a Locksmith Procedure

How to open a door using a locksmith: Here is a step-by-step locksmith procedure for opening a door using the appropriate tools. Remember to use caution when working with tools and be familiar with the hazards associated with them. Follow these steps carefully, and you should be able to unlock any door without difficulty. Step 1: Locate the keyhole on the door. In most cases, this will be located in the top or bottom edge of the door. Look for a small, round hole that’s surrounded by metal bars. Use a pointed object such as a screwdriver to pry off the metal surrounding the hole, until it pops free. Step 2: Insert a thin-nosed pliers into the keyhole and grasp onto either side of the bolt head. Turn the bolt head counterclockwise with your fingers until it comes loose from its base. Keep in mind that some bolts are designed to remain tight even when they’re loosened, so use caution if this is the case. Step 3: Retrieve your key from wherever it is stored and insert it into the lock cylinder on the inside of the door. Turn it until it clicks into place, then remove

What Happens After the Burglary Scenario?

A locksmith often opens broken into doors after a burglary in order to try and prevent anyone from entering the home. It is important to remember that a locksmith is not a law enforcement officer, so he or she cannot make any arrests.

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One of the most important things to remember when a locksmith is called to open a door that has been broken into is the chain of custody. The locksmith must make sure that he or she does not alter or remove any evidence that would lead back to the criminal responsible for the burglary. This includes anything that may have been taken from inside the home such as jewelry, electronics, or cash. The locksmith also needs to preserve any physical evidence left on or around the doorframe. This can include fingerprints, blood, or saliva. Once everything has been gathered, the locksmith will need to take it all back to his or her shop to process it.


A locksmith can unlock any door, with or without a key. He or she will use various tools to inspect the lock and make a repair if necessary. In most cases, the professional will charge by the hour, rather than by the task completed. If you need help opening a door that’s been locked accidentally or after hours, don’t hesitate to call a locksmith. A locksmith will first use a key to try and open the door in order to see if there is anything wrong with it. If everything checks out and the door seems to be okay, the locksmith will then begin using an electronic lock picker. This device can help them bypass any security measures on the door so that they can get inside. Sometimes a locksmith may also need to use explosives in order to access a locked door. After they have accessed the room, they will then go about fixing whatever needs to be fixed and clean up any debris or mess that was made during the process.

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