How Do Locksmiths Make Keys Without Original

In a niche industry like the making of keys and locks, there are many processes that you have to follow in order to make it a success. Key making processes have slowed down over time because people realize that there is a lot of manual work involved in creating quality products since their use has been evolving over time for years. Finding an interesting way for a company to break into this stagnant niche has been proven highly effective through using AI software.

What is the process of getting a new lock and having a key made

There are a few different ways to get a new lock or have a key made depending on what you need and where you are located. If you already have the Original Key from your old lock and just need a new key made then mostlocksmiths will either use a copy of the key or take your original key, cut it down to size, and cast it in metal. If you don’t already have the Original Key or if you need a new key made for a different type of lock then you will likely have to go through the manufacturer of the lock to get a new key made.

How do locksmiths make keys without original

Locksmiths rely on a variety of methods to make keys without the use of original parts. One common method is called “patternmaking.” This involves creating a duplicate key from a known key pattern. This is then used to make new keys for customers. Another way that locksmiths make keys is by using a “cutter,” which is a specialized tool that cuts metal shapes out of stock locks. The cutter can be used to cut out specific shapes, such as the anti-theft pins found on many door locks.

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Finally, locksmiths may also use an “immersion blender” to create new key blanks. This device fuses metal pieces together in order to create a new keyworkpiece.

Is there any way around this process?

There is no one definitive answer as to how locksmiths make keys without originals. However, there are a variety of different methods that are typically used. One common method is to use a mold to create the key shape. After the key shape has been created, the locksmith can then stamp out the key pieces using a die. Another method is to use an exotic metal that doesn’t oxidize like iron or steel. This metal is then cut into small pieces and quickly hammered into shape. In a word, no. This process is how locksmiths make keys without original keys. TL;DR: Locksmiths use a process called keymaking to create keys for their customers without the original key.


Locksmiths often need to make copies of keys without the originals. There are a few different ways that they can do this, but each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Today, we’re going to take a look at two of the most common methods: key duplicating machines and dremel Duplicating Services. Locksmiths often need to make copies of keys without the originals. There are a few ways they do this, but the most common is to use a key casting machine. This machine can change the shape, size, and layout of a key so that it can be used in many different locks.