How Do Locksmiths Know It’s Your Car

Wondering what to do if you need a locksmith? Have you locked your keys in the car and are now afraid of trying to break a window? In the latest software update for Gauteng for instance, new law mandates that every locksmith be able to determine if a vehicle is emission tested. The company will soon issue a text to an owner’s personal phone, with the test number, when it’s time for their next service visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

-How can I be sure it’s my car when I arrive to the shop? The first thing that a locksmith will do is confirm the make, model and license plate number of the car. This information can usually be found on the car’s title or registration. After verifying the make, model and license plate number, the locksmith will proceed to inspect the car for any clues that would identify it as being specifically owned by the customer. This could include looking for damage or missing components that are specific to the customer’s car. If everything looks correct, the locksmith will usually proceed to open and inspect the car’s doors.

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Locksmiths have a lot of information about your car. This includes things like the make and model, whether it has a keyless entry, and whether it’s Hatchback or sedan. All of this information helps locksmiths know what type of work needs to be done on your car. -Locksmiths are able to identify a car by its unique make and model. -When you call a locksmith, give the technician the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). -Make sure the key is compatible with your car’s ignition and locks. -If you have a transponder key, remove it before calling a locksmith. -Keep your vehicle clean and free from damages, in case the locksmith needs to gain access.


When a locksmith arrives at your home or business, the first thing that he or she will do is take a look around for any signs of forced entry. If the lock has been damaged in any way – perhaps someone kicked it open while you were away – the locksmith will most likely be able to tell right away. Next, the locksmith will inspect your car’s keyless entry system to determine if it was tampered with in any way. Lastly, the locksmith may test drive your car to make sure everything is working properly. Locksmiths use a variety of methods to determine which car it is. One method is to look for the make and model of the vehicle. Another method is to check for clues in the security code, such as a repeating number or letters.