Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without A Key

Not much can be done about this other than try and make sure you have a set of extra keys in a safe place just in case.

What is a locksmith without keys

Locksmiths are a special kind of professional who are able to unlock doors, fobs, and other security devices. Simply put, if you need to get inside something and don’t have the key, a locksmith can help you out. There are cases when a locksmith can’t just take a key off of a door and hand it to you – in some cases, the lock on the door may require a specific type of key or tool that the locksmith doesn’t often carry. In these situations, the locksmith may be able to make a key for you. Here’s how it works: The locksmith will take an existing key – typically still in the lock – and create a duplicate key that is specific to the lock being replaced. This process is called “making a keyless entrykey.” The benefit to having a keyless entrykey is that it means that you can access your property without having to go through the hassle of getting new keys installed everywhere. Simply bring your old key to the locksmith, and they will make a new keyless entrykey for you. There is no charge for this service, so it’s an excellent way to keep your property secure while

How do they make keys without keys

When you need a new key, but don’t have a physical key to hand, who do you call? Locksmiths of course! They can make a new key for you using just a copy of your old key safe combination. However, before they even get to that stage, they need to have access to your old key safe. If it’s not accessible, then the locksmith will be unable to create a replacement key. Here’s how they do it:

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1. Locksmiths typically use an electro-mechanical duplicating machine to create a copy of your old key. The machine takes an image of your old key and produces a physical duplicate. 2. Next, the locksmith needs access to your old safe. If it’s not accessible, then the locksmith will have to get creative and find another way into the safe in order to get the image of the old key. 3. Finally, the locksmith can use this image of the old key to create a new key for you on their duplicating machine.


A locksmith can create a new key for you without having the original key. If you do not have the original key, they may be able to make a copy of it using some archived data or images. Always remember to get consent from the person who owns the property before making any changes so that you are respectful of their rights and privacy. While it is possible for a locksmith to make a key without a key, this is not the most common or recommended way to do it. It’s generally more cost effective and less time consuming to acquire a new key than it is to have a locksmith make one. If you’re in need of a new key and don’t have an original, try calling your local locksmith and asking them if they canringtonize (remake) your current lock so that a new key can be made.