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A locksmith explains the safety principles behind

Locksmith Anthony shares the basics of lock safety so that you can ensure your completed project is as effective and safe as possible. Lock safety begins with understanding the three types of locks: mechanical, digital, and combo. Mechanical locks use a mechanism to create resistance when unlocked; digital locks are powered by a microchip and are usually found in newer doors; combo locks have both a mechanical and digital component. It’s important to understand the difference between a deadbolt and a latch, as well as the types of screws used in door installations. A deadbolt has a In/Out slider on top, which is inserted into a hole on the doorjamb. The other arm has a bolt that goes through the hole and into the door, preventing it from being opened from the inside. A latch is attached to one side of the door jambs, above or below the deadbolt, and has two arms that swing outwards when opened. When closed, these arms rest against each other within the frame of the door, preventing it from being opened from the outside. When selecting an existing lock for replacement or renovation, it’s important to consult with your

How to secure your doors and windows

If your home is plagued by break-ins, you need to do something about it. One of the most effective ways to secure your doors and windows is to install proper locks. Anthony Locksmith can help you get the locks you need in a hurry.

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We have a wide variety of security locks to choose from, including traditional door and window locks as well as more recent locking technologies like biometric locks and keyless entry systems. We also carry a range of key replacement services so that you can keep your keys safe and handy. No matter what kind of security lock you need, Anthony Locksmith has got you covered. Give us a call today and let us help you secure your home from the inside out!

The importance of properly locking your home

homeownership is one of the most important steps in becoming a responsible citizen. Not only does it provide you with shelter and security, but it’s also your responsibility as the property owner to make sure your home is properly secured. One way to ensure your safety and that of your possessions is to have proper locks installed on all doors and windows. Anthony Locksmith is a reliable and professional locksmith business that specializes in installing high-quality locks and security systems for homes and businesses. We have years of experience in the industry and are proud to offer our clients quality service at competitive prices. When you choose Anthony Locksmith, you’re getting not only a reliable locksmith, but also someone who understands the importance of protecting your belongings. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation!


Anthony locksmith is a trusted name when it comes to security and safety needs for your home. From key duplication to installation, they have you covered. Give them a call today if you need help with anything related to security. Anthony locksmiths are trusted authorities when it comes to security and privacy. They have the skills and expertise to help you keep your home and property safe, as well as the keys to unlocking any door you need them to. From auto theft recovery to increased safety at home or work, Anthony locksmiths can help with anything from simple repairs to complete system installation. Give them a call today for a consultation!

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